Tasting Notes: Stone fruits, chocolate, pecan nuts

SCA Cup Score: 84 What does this mean? 

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Lempira, Parainema, Ihcafe 90, Catimor

Growing Altitude: 1000-1400 masl

What is it good for?: A super all rounder that makes full bodied espresso with good acidity and smooth body.

Additional Notes: A lovely balanced coffee that makes excellent filter or espresso. A smooth and well rounded cup with a crisp acidity that gives way to a sweet finish. We have been enjoying this as a double shot long black.

Coffee farming in Honduras has long been an act of endurance and determination, with
producers struggling to create quality from minimal resources. Since 2002, Becamo
has supported producers with various efforts, including the 2015 creation of Recuperando
mi Cafetal, a program designed to support the recovery of 84 hectares of coffee
destroyed during the rust epidemic.

Now part of the NKG Bloom, the program offers producers training in plant nutrition; pest,
disease and tissue management; and the preparation of biofertilizers. “It’s about recovering,”
says Becamo leadership. “Recovering farmers financial economy, their family
heritage and their interest in following the best agricultural practices.”
NKG Bloom further builds on these efforts and makes them a permanent part of Becamo’s
business. The renovation program now also includes the availability of ECOPIL
seedlings and plant varieties resistant to pests and diseases. The new technology, once
piloted and approved, is expected to improve producers’ productivity, resilience and
ultimately profitability.

Becamo is today growing the team of agronomists within its Farmer Services Unit,
digitizing its support services to increase efficiency and transparency and expanding
its offer of financial services to include both short- and long-term financing options for
farmers and farmer groups


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Honduras - Bloom - Washed

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