Roast Level


Tasting Notes

Bold body, with clove pepper and tobacco flavours. Musky Arabian tobacco aromas



What is it good for?

Excellent in the humble cafetière and makes a very bold espresso.

Additional Notes

This isn't the Monsoon Malabar you may have tried in the supermarket. This is full of body, smoky cedar wood flavours and exotic spices. We roast this not too far past first crack to accentuate its natural richness. It is produced in the Manjarabad Region and left out in the humidity of the monsoon season to produce a unique flavour profile. Perfect if you love strong, rich and earth coffee.


For filter try a ratio of around 1 - 15.

An example

30g of coffee to 450ml of water in your cafetière. Brew for 4 minutes.


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India - Monsoon Malabar AA - Manjarabad Region

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