Roast Level

Medium Dark

Tasting Notes

Heavy syrupy body, oodles of chocolate, fudge and nuts.

What's in it?

A blend of Brazil, India and Colombia.

What is it good for?


Additional Notes

A take on a classic Northern Italian style espresso blend. We use a natural process Brazilian coffee to give body and crema, Colombia to bring a hint of fruit and finally we 'season' the blend with a touch of a very high quality Robusta to bring that classic Italian punch.

One sip and you're transported to a Milan coffee bar.

A great, freshly roasted, higher quality alternative to the well know Italian coffees you find in the supermarket.


Espresso ratio of 1 - 2.1

An example

Espresso - 18.5g in 38g out over 28 seconds.


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Chocolate Point Blend

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