Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, dates, hazlenuts, toffee

SCA Cup Score84.5 What does this mean?

Processing: Pulped Natural

Varietal: Yelllow Bourbon

Growing Altitude: 950 masl

What is it good for? A fabulous Yellow Bourbon from the wonderful Ipanema Coffees. Super for espresso.

Additional Notes: A fantastic example of Brazilian coffee and the Yellow Bourbon varietal. Makes beautiful espresso that is at home in milk drinks or as straight espresso. It has a mild acidity with beautiful sweet notes and fabulous body imparted by the Pulped Natural process method.

Ipanema’s infrastructure, located at two processing centres in Fazenda Capoeirinha and Fazenda Conquista, is an extraordinarily well-run and efficient farm using the latest agronomic technology. The coffees are meticulously cupped by their specialist team and only the best beans are chosen. This is a pulped natural coffee, which is otherwise known as Semi Washed, where the outer skin from the cherry is removed but the fruit (or mucilage) is still kept on and the coffee is stored, then it is washed and dried later


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Brazil - Ipanema Reserve Yellow Bourbon - Pulped Natural

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