Why your business should offer espresso drinks.

Why your business should offer espresso drinks.

David Kemble


It's fair to say that coffee is undergoing somewhat of a revolution. If you are the owner of a restaurant, café or even a bakery you should look at coffee as a great way to boost your sales. Gone are the days when people were happy to have a cup of coffee from a filter machine that had been sat warm for 3 hours.  People are waking up to great coffee and far from this being an added expense to your business this is a golden opportunity.

Coffee consumption has absolutely soared in the past decade and outside the home Britons now drink 2.5 cups of coffee to every 1 tea! We consume almost 2.1 billion cups of coffee annually. Traditional filter coffee consumption now only accounts for around 20% of the market, it is clear that espresso based beverage are what people want.

As we've established, this is great news for you as a business owner as espresso based drinks are perceived as much higher value offerings and people are happy to pay a lot more for them than filter coffees. The average gross profit on a milk based espresso beverage can be anywhere around £2. You would struggle to sell filter coffee for £2 so it is clear to see there is extra revenue to be generated here.

Of course, there are much greater initial outlays with offering espresso beverages but lets take a second to break down the costs.

This chart is based on you selling 10 coffees a day which is reasonable for even the smallest outlet. We have included in the equipment a machine, grinder, knock out box, jugs etc. and all associated install costs. There is everything you need to start selling coffee apart from the cups.



Cost of Beverage

Coffee Retail


Profit Per Cup

Time to Break


1 Group Standard





3.4 months

2 Group Standard





5 months

2 Group Premium





6 months


When you look at the figures like this it is easy to see why adding an espresso machine is such an attractive proposition. These figures are based on an incredibly conservative estimate of 10 milk based drinks a day. Once you start to add in the additional profits from water based espresso drinks, additional shots of coffee, syrups, whipped cream, bits of cake on the side and additional footfall these numbers become even more attractive. Have you ever wondered why in even some modest coffee shops you see machines worth £10k…..well now you know!

If you are interested in tapping this extra revenue for your company, then give us a call. We will tailor a package for the unique needs of your business and we always provide all the support and training you need to produce exceptional coffee and grow your bottom line.

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