Do you like a little bit of a gamble......perhaps you cannot make your mind up what coffee to order? This is the one for you.

You will receive a 250g bag of one of our Single Origin coffees

Very often it is not possible for us to roast the exact amount of coffee we have on order that day, so we end up with a couple of bags over.

Try as we might at Black Cat HQ we can't always guzzle it all ourselves so we thought why not offer it up to you with the potential of a big saving.

This is priced cheaper than all our SO offerings so you will never be out of pocket and you could save as much as £3.50.

Your coffee may be a few extra days post roast but it will NEVER be older than 7 days when it leaves us. You will still get it well inside its peak drinking window.

Please note:

If ordering multiple units of the Mystery Box you may well get multiples of the same coffee.

This could be a coffee recommended for espresso or filter.

You may of course get another bag of something you have already ordered. We will try and avoid this where possible but this is NOT guaranteed.

The Mystery Box - Random Single Origin

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