Tasting Notes: Apple. peach. honey

SCA Cup Score: 87.5 What does this mean?

Region: Jinotega

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Pacamara

Growing Altitude: 1300-1500 masl

What is it good for?: Makes juicy almost tea like filter coffee and exciting fruity espresso.

Additional Notes: A direct trade offering that not only tastes fabulous it also helps to improve the lives of the people of Nicaragua.

If you have never tried a Pacamara before then this is a great place to start. They have a unique flavour profile amongst coffee cultivars that really has to be tried to be understood. As the name suggests this microlot brings bags of juicy sweet apple flavour to the table.

If you have never seen Pacamara before in the flesh you are likely going to be shocked at the unusually large beans!

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Nicaragua - Pacamara Collaborative Apple Microlot - Washed - Direct Trade

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