Roast Level Medium Dark

Tasting Notes: Tinsel, pine trees and fairy lights. Oh and there are some chocolate, booze and dried fruit flavours in there somewhere too

What's in it? A blend of Central American and African coffee.

Additional Notes: If you are after a crazy experimental funk bomb then probably best to check out or Single Origin section, if on the other hand you want a nice classic coffee profile with some added interest then stick around. Central American provides classic notes and crema heavy espresso while the addition of a natural process African coffee brings some sweetness and boozy flavours.

Great for after dinner on the big day. We love this as a straight espresso but it makes a bold cup in filter preparations too.

Take the temperature down a touch, pull a 1:1.8 ratio over 30 seconds and let the syrupy body fill you full of Christmas cheer. Don't forget to stir your espresso.

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Jingle Beans - Christmas Blend 2020

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