Tasting Notes: Peach, cocoa, citrus

SCA Cup Score: 87 What does this mean?

Producers: Gloria Esperanza Mejia

Farm: Las Palmas

Processing: Black Honey

Varietal: IHCAFE 90

Growing Altitude: 1450masl

What is it good for?: We have been loving this coffee in the V60 but it is at home in espresso too.

Additional Notes: One of our favourite coffees to land in the roastarie this year. Oodles of tropical fruit, lovely sweet chocolatey body and zesty finish at the end. This is the sort of coffee we love to shout about!

The Black Honey process leaves a lot more of the coffee cherry on the bean whilst it dries compared to the usual washed process where it is all removed. The cherry pulp ferments in to a dark sticky honey like coating and really brings out the sweet fruity undertones of the coffee.

Gloria Esperanza Mejia is the owner of a small farm called Las Palmas, in the Copan region of Honduras. Gloria, her husband and her daughter all live on the farm and do most of the farm work themselves. The care and attention from a small family run farm really shines through. Needless to say as this is a small family run farm their production is very limited. You will not find this coffee in many places this year.




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Honduras - Gloria Esperanza Mejia - Black Honey

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