Chocolate Point Espresso
Chocolate Point Espresso

Chocolate Point Espresso

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Roast Level

Medium Dark

Tasting Notes

Smooth, balanced with oudles of chocolate, nuts and a lingering aftertaste.

What's in it?

A blend of Brazilian, Central American with a hint of Robusta for punch.

What is it good for?

Makes great espresso and really holds it's own in milk drinks.

Additional Notes

A take on classic continental style espresso and yep, it's got Robusta in there. Can you believe it? We're not sure we can. This is a very special Robusta from the Sethuraman Estate in India. Not only is it a fantastic coffee that cups well on it's own but it is also sustainably harvested and from a family business. If you usually go for certain well known Italian coffee brands then give this a try, you will be amazed at the difference that high quality coffee and fresh roasting means for your morning brew.


This is a forgiving blend so it can be great one to try if you are new to the world of espresso. We suggest a brew ratio of 1 - 2.1 with timing around 24-28 seconds for espresso.

An example

Espresso - 14g in 30g out over 26 seconds.