Roast Level


Tasting Notes

Cocoa nibs, brown sugar, roasted chestnuts

What's in it?

100% Brazil Swiss Water Decaffeinated

What is it good for?

A great all rounder. Suitable for espresso and filter

Additional Notes

A high quality decaf coffee from Brazil. Decaffeinated with no chemicals whatsoever through the Swiss Water Process.

In our experience coffee decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process retains more of its original flavour profile and does not have any off flavours associated with other methods.

Decaffeinated coffee is often seen as the poor relation but we treat our decaf with the same care and attention to sourcing, profiling and roasting as with all our coffee. Give this one a go for your evening cup, you may just be surprised how flavourful decaf can be!

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Brazil - Swiss Water Decaffeinated

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