Tasting Notes: Caramel, pear, lime, peach.

SCA Cup Score: 86 What does this mean?

Producers: Multiple Smallholders is Rusinga and Mbogo Sectors

Processing: Washed

Varietal: BM139, BM71, Bourbon, Jackson

Growing Altitude: 2000+ masl

Harvest: June - October

What is it good for?: This coffee works well for filter and espresso.

Additional Notes : A lovely clean and complex cup of coffee. We have had a number of coffees from the Kinini washing station in the past and they are always super quality.

The Northern Province in Rwanda is one of five that were created in 2006 as part of a government decentralization program designed to restructure administration locally. Located in Rusiga, Kinini washing station is surrounded by an abundance of interlocking undulate slopes and mountains. This creates a multitude of variations, some of which we separate or others, such as this lot, that are a representation of the area as a whole. Coffee here is frequently grown heavily intercropped on small farms and gardens hewn from the hillsides. This can mean time demands on a farmer, so the addition of satellite technology that is used to monitor leaf glare from the trees is extremely useful. Any changes can be a sign of disease or infestation and early detection pays dividends when it comes to clean cups and good green. If a change is noted, the farmer will receive a text message to alert them to the area and issue.

Weather has proven changeable and inconsistent over recent years. Coupled with high to extremely high altitudes, this has led to a widening of the cropping period from late March or April (starting on the lower altitudes) right through to December for the highest plots. This being late harvest, is more towards the latter.

Coffee here is delivered to the washing station by 4pm on the day of picking in order to meet the strict quality control. It is washed and rests in cherry for 24 hours before being pulped and fermented in clean water. Flowing down the clear blue channels, it then rests for a further 24 hours after washing in another tank, before flowing down to the individually marked raised beds for drying. All water used undergoes strict cleaning to a level where it is fit for consumption, before being returned to the stream that flows down the hill just behind the washing station.


Rwanda - Kinini Spring Harvest - Washed

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