Tasting Notes: Orange, toblerone, molasses

SCA Cup Score: 84 What does this mean?

Estate: Las Nubes

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Growing Altitude: 1250 masl

What is it good for?: Great for filter coffee such as V60 or Chemex to highlight the fruit. Balanced espresso with good acidity and sweetness.

Additional Notes : Another excellent coffee from the team at Gold Mountain. A direct trade offering that not only tastes fabulous it also helps to improve the lives of the people of Nicaragua!

Produced on a tiny family farm run by husband and wife team, Santos and Teresa. Santos is full of personality, the life of the party,and unrelentingly good-natured. He, Teresa and their 12 children love showing their farm to roasters and inviting them to taste their very sweet oranges, mandarins, jocote, lemons, and bananas. They even have a small waterfall and swimming hole. With increased income from working with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, they are able to prevent diseases from affecting their coffee, buy better clothes for their children, and save a small amount of money in case of medical expenses. Gold Mountain connected them to the electrical grid for the first time.

Nicaragua - Las Nubes 'The Yellows' - Washed

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